Discover the magical world of Based On A True Story.

Unleash our full creativity and enable us to build an altogether unforgettable journey just for you. We’ll open doors to a world where reality and fantasy are intertwined.

Step into a magical world where anything is possible. One of true creativity and wonder. Where at every turn incredible realms of discovery unfold. Awe-inspiring spectacles. Surprises and unimaginable settings that transcend reality. Stories that you will talk about forever. All never to be repeated.

Enjoy unparalleled access to the world’s finest places, with exquisite accommodation, adventure and luxury. All elements are woven together with wondrous creativity as each chapter of your magical journey is told. Expect elaborate theatrical events, wild escapades and eccentric characters. All orchestrated and photographed by your charismatic host. Your very own magical story, created, discovered and all based on a true story.

We provide three different levels of service

Our Wonderful World.

Engage with our interactive map to reveal a world of inspiration.

The worlds’ continents reveal the many diverse countries we work in and showcase photographic highlights, overviews of our approach, experiential possibilities, places you can stay and the best times to visit. Enjoy!