Truly extraordinary journeys

Travel like nobody before you through your own remarkable story. We create extraordinary experiences that are meticulously planned and brought to life with perfect service, luxury and comfort.

Allow us to elevate your travels far beyond the imaginable. A privileged journey of experiential travel that maintains the highest standards of luxury and service. Where exciting, surprises punctuate a flawless plot.

Our creativity combines with local knowledge to ensure everything you do is entirely unique. All seamlessly managed and photographed by your charismatic host. The results later produced into a stunning leather-bound book. Your own incredible story.

We provide three different levels of service

Discover the Wonderful World of Based On A True Story

Engage with our interactive map to reveal a world of inspiration.

The worlds’ continents reveal the many diverse countries we work in and showcase photographic highlights, overviews of our approach, experiential possibilities, places you can stay and the best times to visit. Enjoy!