Bolivia | Clients drive across the vast Salar de Uyuni, after the annual rains form a mirror of almost hallucinogenic landscapes on the largest salt desert on earth

Kenya | A helicopter safari over flamingo-studded Lake Natron en-route to Kenya’s Masai Mara, amid a two week tour-de-force of Africa

Lapland | A special moment snowmobiling across frozen Arctic lakes, captured on an epic journey to discover the Aurora Borealis

Burma | A timeless encounter on the still waters of Inle Lake at sunset, topped off with traditional aperitifs to further play out the moment

Tanzania | During an extremely luxurious safari this night under canvas provided an enchanting contrast, a family first, and an elegant base for an unforgettable time in the Serengeti

India | A rare and exhilarating round of elephant polo in the throes of an evening’s majestic entertainment hosted by Maharajas, at the City Palace, Jaipur

Greece | A young family engages with mythological creatures to return gold to the Gods of Greece, on a superyacht-based ‘Golden Odyssey’

Raja Ampat | Gently cruising through the enchanted islands of Indonesia’s West Papua; one chapter of a month-long round-the-world honeymoon

The Seychelles | A paradise island finale provides the ideal backdrop for reflection on a continuum of remarkable honeymoon experiences

Morocco | Guests in specially-designed costumes exit a tailor’s through a secret door, to re-emerge in a fantasy world set hundreds of years ago

Japan | A spectacular helicopter flight arrives to a royal welcome atop a Tokyo skyscraper, on a life-changing first experience with the fascinating cultures of Asia

Australia | An exceptionally clear night of astronomical wonders, enjoyed from the sandy shores of the Pacific’s blissful Lord Howe Island

Bali | Local village children re-enact an authentic Kecak dance on an unforgettable evening in a distant mountain village, a world apart from tourists and their shows

Botswana | A San elder goes into trance as an astounding private evening unfolds in a remote part of the Kalahari during just one branch of a legendary journey across Africa